Adjectives to Describe Personality

Adjectives to Describe Personality

• generous
• easygoing
• ambitious
• cheerful
• hardworking
• trustworthy
• impatient
• optimistic
• sensitive
• moody

• sociable
• indecisive
• reserved
• lazy
• attentive
• anal
• punctual
• humorous
• modest
• bossy
• intelligent
• impulsive
• considerate
• imaginative
• independent
• selfish
• self-confident
• responsible
• talkative

1. Is your friend usually in a good mood?
2. Does your friend like to tell jokes?
3. Does your friend do something when he/she says he will?
4. Does your friend like to tell everyone what to do?
5. Is it important for your friend to be successful in whatever he/she does?
6. Does your friend notice your feelings?
7. Does your friend often give presents, or pay for lunch or a coffee?
8. Does your friend work hard?
9. Does your friend become angry or annoyed if he/she has to wait for something or someone?
10. Can you trust your friend with a secret?
11. Does your friend act shy when someone compliments him/her?
12. Can you friend do things alone or does he/she need someone to help him/her?
13. Does your friend listen well when you are speaking?
14. Is your friend creative?
15. Does your friend keep his/her feelings to him/herself?
16. Is your friend usually not worried by things, no matter what happens?
17. Does your friend think the future will be good?
18. Does your friend often change their opinion about things?
19. Does your friend often postpone things he/she has to do?
20. Is your friend happy one moment and then the next?
21. Does your friend like to be with people?

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